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CPI1466 during Backup   General Material Data  
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You can use this SAP enhancement to define a function exit with which the received substance can be searched for in the system during distribution of substance data using ALE in the recipient system.

The customer exit can be found in the function group X1CA. You call the customer exit in the function module C14ALE_SUB_IDENTIFY.

Refer to the documentation on the function module C14ALE_SUB_IDENTIFY for the standard procedure for determining the substance.

You can use the following parameters to determine the substance:

Input parameters

    Substance header of the sending system
    Selection date for the search
    Identifiers for the sending system

Output parameter

    Substance found in the current system

In the exit, the substance is to be searched for using the input parameters. The header of the substance found is stored in the output parameter. The fields RECN, ACTN, and SUBID are relevant here. If the output parameter is empty, this means that no assignment was found.

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