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This user exit allows you to continue processing all transferred data in accordance with your requirements before updating. In particular, you can update the contents of the additional tables X_EXTENSION1_TAB and X_EXTENSION2_TAB that were passed to the BAPI at this point in your system.

If you want to use this user exit, proceed as follows:

  1. Maintain the include zxc1au16 and enter the required coding there.
  2. Create a customer project and activate it (transaction CMOD).

The following parameters and tables are available in the include zxc1au16:

  • The parameter I_KEY_DATE that passes the key date on which distribution is executed.
  • The parameter I_SENDER that specifies from which logical system the data originates.
  • The parameter I_COMPLETE_SUBSTANCE that displays whether the substance was transferred completely (for example) using Replicate.
  • All table entries on the substance that are passed to the generated BAPI module. With this data you can easily continue processing the substance data before it is finally updated by the BAPI.
  • The contents of the two additional tables X_EXTENSION1_TAB and X_EXTENSION2_TAB (additional substance data or additional information) can, in contrast, be processed with this user exit.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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