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RFUMSV00 - Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purchases   ROGBILLS - Synchronize billing plans  
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This function module is contained in the enhancement component COPCP002. You can implement your own coding in Include ZXCKAU04. This is activated with the enhancement component (transaction CMOD). The function module is called up with the following interface:

Import parameters:

IMP_VBELN Sales and distribution document number
IMP_POSNR Item Number in SD Document
IMP_MATNR Material number
IMP_BWTAR Valuation type
IMP_VALUATION Valuation (see fixed values for domane VALUTYP)
IMP_AUFNR Production order number

Export parameters:

EXP_PREIS Total price in object currency
EXP_PRFIX Fixed price in object currency
EXP_PEINH Price unit of object currency
EXP_PREIS2 Total price in controlling area currency
EXP_PRFIX2 Fixed price in controlling area currency
EXP_PEINH2 Price unit of controlling area currency

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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