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Enhancement CLFM0001 is embedded in function module CLFM_OBJECT_CLASSIFICATION.

Function module CLFM_OBJECT_CLASSIFICATION creates an object classification.

If this enhancement is active when you classify an object, you can define defaults for the classification data or influence the classification data (if you are copying an existing classification).

For example, you can copy the classification data of other objects, then use the enhancement to change the values to suit the object that you are now classifying.


Inconsistent defaults/changes to classification data may cause inconsistencies - even after the standard checks on data. This may mean that you cannot find the classified objects via classes or use them in other applications!
For this reason, check your changes very carefully indeed!
Changing Characteristic Values:
In table ALLAUSP, if field STATU is empty, enter "L" for the entry you want to change. The new entry must have "H" in field STATU.
If the entry you want to change has "H" in field STATU, just overwrite the value.

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