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Customer-Specific Enhancement to Check the Variable Eligibility Rules
of an Adjustment Type

The function exit EXIT_SAPFHCMP_001 (function group XCMA) described here enables you to check an eligibility rule yourself rather than using the standard eligibility checks for an adjustment type. Before you can use this function exit, you must have maintained user-defined criteria in customizing.

The function exit has the return parameter _ELIGB. If this parameter is not SPACE, then the user-defined eligibility rules apply.

However, if the return code is SPACE, the employee cannot participate in the corresponding adjustment type.

You receive the following input parameters:

  • _VARRL Variable rule that can be chosen by the user
  • _PERNR Personnel number
  • _BEGDA Start date of validity period
  • _ENDDA End date of validity period

You can use the following variable as an output parameter:

  • _ELIGB Eligibility of employee

In addition to this, you can define an exception to the standard coding:


This exception tells the program that an error occurred determining the eligibility. In this case, the employee is eligible for the adjustment type.

For additional information on how to store your own coding and data declarations in a function exit, refer to the online documentation on the transaction Project Management of SAP Enhancements.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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