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Customer-Specific Enhancement for Determining Compensation Guidelines

Compensation guidelines are used during compensation administration and in the distribution of long-term incentives to provide default values for adjusting specific wage types. The adjustment can be either a percentage or an absolute amount. A percentage increase is relative to the wage type specified as the calculation basis in the compensation adjustment. The adjustment can also be negative.

The following input parameters are available:

The following output parameters are available:

  • _PERCENTAGE Increase by a percentage
  • _AMOUNT Increase by an absolute amount (for amount wage types)
  • _CURCY Currency of parameter _AMOUNT
  • _NUMBER Increase by a number for compensation adjustments (in wage types with amount information)

In addition, you can define an exception to the standard coding:


This exception tells the program that an error occurred while determining the guideline. In that case, no guidelines are displayed in compensation administration.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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