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You can use enhancement module EXIT_SAPLCOIA_001 to influence which characteristics the new relationship that was automatically created in the process order receives if a phase is missing in the transfer from SAP R/3 to SAP APO and relationships therefore have to be reassigned.


Phase 11 -> Phase 12 -> Phase 13.

Phase 12 is not applied because it is not relevant for planning.

The new relationship is connected between phase 11 and phase 13. The characteristics of the relationships such as the minimum and maximum time interval or the relationship type are copied from the predecessor relationship as in the standard system (in this example, between phase 11 and phase 12).

The enhancement module allows you to define the characteristics of the new relationship differently. You can, for example, add the minimum time intervals of both replaced relationships or prevent the generation of the new relationship entirely. This is a good idea if your phases that are not relevant for planning are parallel to phases that are relevant for planning and new relationships are therefore not necessary or possibly even problematic.

For information on the technical details, see the documentation for function module EXIT_SAPLCOIA_001.

Note that this enhancement module is processed after COMMIT WORK and it therefore no longer makes sense to send messages.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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