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With this function module you can define comparison field for the production order comparison per object type.

These comparison fields are used to calculate the changes in order change management (OCM).

Import- the tables PRIMARY_FIELDS and SECONDARY_FIELDS are like export parameters. On calling up the functions you get the fields predefined by SAP and they can be changed using the function module.

PRIMARY_FIELDS and SECONDARY_FIELDS have two columns. In the first field is the name of the field that is to be compared. In the second field is the object type to which the field refers.

The fields grouped in PRIMARY_FIELDS are used to identify an object. This means that two object with the same object category for the two orders compared with one another are recognized as the same object and assigned to one another if they have the same value in their primary fields.

The fields grouped in SECONDARY_FIELDS are used in the second comparison step to check objects that have already been assigned using the primary fields. If the values of all of the secondary fields are also the same then the objects that are assigned to one another are deemed to be identical.

If not all of the values in the secondary fields are the same then the objects assigned to one another are deemed to be different.

To specify object types the following global constants in the program SAPLCOOCM can be used; they are part of the structure OBJ:

  • OBJ-ORD for the order header
  • OBJ-ZUE for the order item
  • OBJ-SEQ for the order sequence
  • OBJ-POS for the order operation
  • OBJ-SOP for the suboperation
  • OBJ-MAT for the order component
  • OBJ-FHM for the production resources/tools

The possible comparison fields per object type are fields specially for the comparison of structures created in the data dictionary. These structures are called individually:

  • COMPHEAD for the order header
  • COMPITEM for the order item
  • COMPSEQ for the order sequence
  • COMPOPER for the operation in the order as well as the suboperation
  • COMPCOMP for the order component
  • COMPTOOL for the production resource/tool

When copying the comparison field you should note that the first field is to have the name of the field without the structure name. One of the OBJ constants must be assigned to the second field.


COMPFIELDEF: It is here that the comparison fields are predefined.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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