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You can use this customer enhancement for checking change steps to handle situations that vary from the standard as conflicts.

Once it has been activated this customer enhancement is executed every time a change step is executed. The information as to which object category the call is made is copied to the function module in the interface. In addition, the data structures of the object concerned of of the superior objects are available in the interface. You can display a message by calling a function module to report a conflict recognized by your program. The seriousness of the conflict (information, warning, error) is defined by the message category. The message appears together with the conflict messages collected for the conflict definition in the log for the change step. The most critical conflict message is decisive for the overall evaluation of the change step.

To issue a message for a conflict situation the function module "MESSAGE_STORE" must be called up. You can find an example of calling this function module in the example coding.


Include LXCOOCMF01


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