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You use function module exit EXIT_SAPLCORD_002 to change detailed data of the order that is currently being processed.

If this function module is to be run, the following prerequisites must be met.

  • The data for all orders sent from SAP APO must already have been converted from CIF APO format to CIF ERP format. This takes place in function module CIF_APOORDER_CONVERT_TO_R3.
  • In the processing loop, a certain individual order is processed over the orders that are sent. The order header of this order is sent to the function module exit in parameter LS_R3ORD.

In particular, you can use the function module to change the following data for the order:

  • Order header (table LT_R3ORD)
  • Order operations (table LT_R3OPR)
  • Capacity requirements (table LT_R3REQ)
  • Order components (table LT_R3RES)
  • Order items (table LT_R3POS)
  • Relationships (table LT_R3REL)

Note that relationships are not sent from SAP APO by default and so are not processed in the ERP system. Capacity requirements are sent from SAP APO, but they are not processed in the ERP system.

Technical Note

This enhancement module is processed in CIF inbound in the ERP system. It is called in the ERP system by an asynchronous call from SAP APO. You are therefore not using the dialog process and no messages can be issued.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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