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You can find introductory information in the documentation for enhancement CIFORD02. When this enhancement module is run, the system converts the manufacturing order data from CIF-ERP format to CIF-APO format.

You can now:

  • Change the CIF-APO data in the CT_APO* tables
  • Add data to the ET_*_CUS tables or change added user-specific data that has already been created using enhancement module EXIT_SAPLCOVA_001.

The IV_OBJECTTYPE parameter shows whether this is a planned order (IV_OBJECTTYPE = 5) or a manufacturing order (production order or process order, both IV_OBJECTTYPE = 6).

Parameter IV_CIFTRIGGER indicates which type of data transfer this user exit runs using CIF. It can have the following values:

  • EH Postprocessing of faulty transfers
  • IL Transfer using an initial data transfer
  • OL Change transfer of orders
  • DR Transfer using compare/reconcile function
  • UR Automatic retransfer using update logic

Change parameter CV_ABORT_INITIALLOAD controls whether the initial data transfer is to be transferred. Note 593413 gives example coding that shows how you can terminate the initial data transfer if an error occurs.

The tables have the following meanings:

  • IT_ORD Order headers in CIF-APO format
  • IT_OPR Order operations in CIF-APO format
  • IT_ACT Not used
  • IT_REQ Capacity requirements in CIF-APO format
  • IT_INP Order reservations in CIF-APO format
  • IT_OUT Order items in CIF-APO format
  • IT_REL Relationships in CIF-APO format
  • ET_ORD_CUS Customer enhancements for the order headers
  • ET_OPR_CUS Customer enhancements for the order operations
  • ET_ACT_CUS Not used
  • ET_REQ_CUS Customer enhancements for the capacity requirements
  • ET_INP_CUS Customer enhancements for the order reservations
  • ET_OUT_CUS Customer enhancements for the order items
  • ET_REL_CUS Customer enhancements for the relationships
  • CT_RETURN Messages that are issued during the initial data transfer.

The enhancement module runs both for the initial data transfer and for online transfer. For online transfer, it runs in V1 update. Therefore, buffer tables of other programs cannot be accessed or are already invalid. Data that is written in this LUW is possibly not yet in the database. You have no connection to a dialog and so messages can no longer be issued.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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