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General Data in Customer Master   Vendor Master (General Section)  
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This customer exit can be used to change the fields LGORT (storage location) and RGEKZ (backflushing indicator) in the reservation.

Input for the customer exit are the complete reservation structure (RESV_I), the storage location that was taken from the BOM item (STRLCBOM_I) or the material master (STRLC_I) as well as the table entry for the supply area (SUPAR_I).

Output for customer exits are the storage location and the indicator for backflushing.

This function exit is only accessed on a BOM explosion (that is, when an order is created using CO01 or when reading master data) or when components are copied to the production order on planned order conversion.

1. Determining the backflushing indicator

In the structure RESV_I two fields, among others, are copied
that are defined as follows:

RESV_I-RGEKZ contains either

a. the definition from the material master
0 - indicator not set
1 - indicator always set
2 - the work center decides

or b. the definition from the component allocation
' ' / 'X'

The value was calculated before the user exit was called up

RESV_I-RGEKZSAV contains the definition of the indicator
changed from the material master
(0 / 1 / 2 see also)

With the material number RESVI-MATNR the material data can also be
read to determine the backflushing indicator using their
own algorithms.

2. Determining the storage location

The field STRLC_I contains the storage location from the material

The field STRLCBOM_I contains the storage location from the BOM
The field SUPAR_I-LGORT contains the storage location from the
supply area.

The field STRLCBOM_I is only filled if the order is created
directly (e.g. CO01), not however, if the order was for example
converted from a planned order. In this case the parameter
STRLC_I contains the storage location from the planned order.

In parameters BCKFL_E and STRLC_E the backflushing indicator determined
as well as the storage location determined are copied to the calling

rdisp/max_wprun_time - Maximum work process run time   General Material Data  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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