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As an introduction, read the documentation for SAP enhancement CIFORD02.

This enhancement module runs when sending manufacturing orders from SAP R/3 to SAP APO. This enhancement module does not run for planned orders.

When the enhancement module runs, the system has already copied the manufacturing order data from the R/3 IT_* buffer tables to the CIF_R3 tables and filled the relevant checklist tables. You can now:

  • Change CIF_R3 data
  • Change the checklist tables
  • Add user-specific fields to the *CUS tables

The individual tables have the following meanings:

  • IT_CAUFVBT R/3 buffer table with order headers
  • IT_AFPOBT R/3 buffer table with order items
  • IT_AFFLBT R/3 buffer table with order sequences
  • IT_AFVGBT R/3 buffer table with order operations
  • IT_AFABBT R/3 buffer table with relationships
  • IT_KBEDBT R/3 buffer table with capacity requirements
  • IT_RESBBT R/3 buffer table with order reservations
  • CT_R3ORD Order headers in CIF_R3 format
  • CT_R3POS Order items in CIF_R3 format
  • CT_R3OPR Order operations in CIF_R3 format
  • CT_R3ACT Not used
  • CT_R3REL Relationships in CIF_R3 format
  • CT_R3REQ Capacity requirements in CIF_R3 format
  • CT_R3RES Order reservations in CIF_R3 format
  • CT_R3ORDx Checkboxes for order headers
  • CT_R3POSx Checkboxes for order items
  • CT_R3OPRx Checkboxes for order operations
  • CT_R3RELx Checkboxes for order relationships
  • CT_R3REQx Checkboxes for capacity requirements
  • CT_R3RESx Checkboxes for order reservations
  • ET_CCVEXT Characteristic values for manufacturing orders
  • ET_ORDCUS Customer enhancements for order headers
  • ET_OPRCUS Customer enhancements for order operations
  • ET_POSCUS Customer enhancements for order items
  • ET_RESCUS Customer enhancements for order reservations
  • ET_REQCUS Customer enhancements for capacity requirements
  • ET_RELCUS Customer enhancements for relationships
  • ET_ACTCUS Not used

The checkboxes are filled in R/3, but their status is not evaluated in APO.

The enhancement module runs both at the initial data transfer and for online transfer. For online transfer, it runs after the COMMIT WORK, but still in dialog mode. Buffer tables can still be accessed, but it no longer makes sense to issue messages.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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