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PERFORM Short Reference   CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES - Frontend Services  
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For introductory information, see the documentation for enhancement PPAP007.

Objects concerned

Using this function module you can override the checkboxes for order operations. This includes operations, phases, suboperations and secondary resources.


IS_ORDER_OPERATION_KEY: Key fields of the operation as it appears in R/3.
IS_CIF_R3OPR: Data record of the operation sent from the external system.
IS_CIF_R3OPRX: Checkboxes for the operation sent from the external system.

Key Fields of the Checkbox Structure

Key fields identify which operations are to be changed. They may not be overwritten.


Additional Notes

To avoid inconsistent start and end dates, the logic is used that dates are only taken from the external system if both the checkboxes' START_DATE and END_DATE are set to X. If one (or both) of these checkboxes are blank or 0 no dates are transferred.

The checkboxes for times (START_TIME and END_TIME) are also only evaluated together, although this is independent of the date fields.

For operations from PP production orders, the durations for the setup, processing and teardown can be transferred in the fields RUEST, BEARZ and ABRUE respectively. If the checkbox for one of these stages is set to bank or 0, the total duration is determined from the operation segment 'Processing'.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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