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This SAP enhancement enables you to implement your own authorization check that is carried out when you create and delete material allocations to standard task lists.

Enhancement Interface

The following import parameters are passed to the function module of the enhancement:

PLNAW_IN Task list usage (for example, C for master
PLKOD_IN Header data for the task list from the material/task
list allocation
MATNR_IN Material number from the material/task list
MATWERK_IN Plant of the material (MATNR_IN)
MESS_TYPE_IN Type of message to be displayed:
E = error, W = warning, I = information
S = success message
TCODE_IN Active transaction code

The function module returns one of the following values for the FLG_NO_AUTHORITY indicator:

' ' (blank) Authorization exists
X No authorization

Notes on Implementation

You can use the import parameters described in section Enhancement Interface for the authorization check. If you require further data, you must read them in the R/3 System.

No message has been defined in the standard system for the check carried out in the enhancement. If you want to issue a message for a missing authorization, you must create it in the enhancement.

Note on Processing

When you call the enhancement, the standard system checks whether you are authorized to change standard task lists (authorization object C_ROUT, activity 02). The enhancement is only carried out if the user has this authorization.

If the authorization check in the standard system or in the enhancement detects that the user does not have the required authorizations, the system does not create or delete the material/task list allocation.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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