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CPI1466 during Backup   CPI1466 during Backup  
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This function module is a user exit within the framework of the inbound IDoc processing involving contracts.

Via the call of the function module, the customer is offered the option of filling the application structures (document header and document item) at the time a contract is created or changed. In a further phase of the processing, the application data is used for the creation of the batch input session for posting the contract.

The function module is always called when a customer segment is read from the IDoc. IDoc data (control record IDOC_CONTROL and the data records IDOC_DATA) is passed on. The customer segment data is located in the header bar of table IDOC_DATA. From the message category (field IDOC_CONTROL-MESTYP) you can tell whether a newly created document (message category BLAORD) or a change to an existing contract (message category BLAOCH) is involved.

The field string EKKO_INPUT contains the data on the document header. Table EKPO_DATA contains the data on document items already analyzed at this point in time.

In the function module, the segment data can be analyzed and the application structures filled (the changed data on the document header is returned in EKKO_OUTPUT; item data is passed on via the table EKPO_DATA).

If an error occurs, so that no further processing is possible, the parameter SUBRC must be set to '4'. The error message can be passed on in the field string ERROR_MESSAGE. In this case, error handling is triggered for the IDoc.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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