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In order to integrate formula and average pricing in the MM Module, enhancements to the invoice verification process were needed. Since the final value of a formula may not be known at the time of goods receipt, a pricing call has been inserted for use during invoice verification. This allows a more accurate valuation of the material cost to be used, with core tolerance checking.

This exit is included so that you can:

  • Modify the pricing information used
  • Change the pricing 'type' used
  • Specify that repricing is not required

The function interface transfers all the information which is to be used during pricing.


* Only reprice where formula and average conditions were used during
* goods receipt pricing.
read table oic_gr_komv with key knumv = i_bet-knumv
kposn = i_betz-mblpo
krech = frm_avg_krech.
if sy-subrc ne 0.
* if no pricing type is defined, then no repricing takes place
i_oic_prstyp = space.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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