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Determines a reference customer before you save the data. If you have already entered reference customers, the system transfers them to the function module. In given circumstances you can override the reference customer.

The system transfers the field indicating dialog processing (whether the user can enter a reference customer). The system also transfers the status of the data to be saved, as well as the data in the database. This is of importance of the business partner exists but was created in thecontract partner role. From the data to be created you can derive a reference customer.

This enhancement is only called when a business partner is replicated from the SAP CRM system to the SAP IS-U system if the partner is created from new with the role Prospect or Contract Partner.


The system checks the reference customer by calling the function module ISU_REFERENCE_CUSTOMER_CHECK. If an error occurs during this process the system does not use the reference customer.

This check runs as follows:

x_ref_customer = muster_kun
x_partner = bus_istat_partner
x_aktyp = bus_istat-aktyp
x_nrrng = bus_istat-nrrng
xt_rltypes = rltypes_new
others = 99.

Once you have saved, rltypes_new contains the new partner roles.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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