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EXIT_SAPLF050_008 -

EXIT_SAPLF050_008 -

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Inbound IDocs: Change fields in ACC structures (FI document)

All data that is created from the IDOC is transferred to user exit 008 in the receiving system and given to the Accounting interface (AC_DOCUMENT_GENERATE function module) in order to post an FI document. This comprises all ACC structures and the component that is updated. In the standard system, this is the component FI.

In addition the complete IDoc is transferred to the exit.

Here you again have the option of influencing the FI document to be posted. You can change or enhance data fields.

By changing the component, such as by entering a space, you can also update all connected components such as CO, FI-SL, and so on as well as FI-GL.

You should, however, be extremely careful about manipulation of this sort. You should make sure that the data is processed properly in the receiving system and not possibly updated several times using other ALE transports.
You should also check whether the data in the IDoc FIDCCP01 or FIDCCP02 (from 4.6C support package) is sufficient to be able to update another application apart from FI.
See the additional information in note 114814, under the section "Data should be sent to all applications".

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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