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EXIT_SAPLF050_011 -

EXIT_SAPLF050_011 -

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User exit ALE FI, Message type FIDCCH, Outbound IDoc:
Do not send IDoc for document change.

This user exit can only be activated for ALE message types FIDCCH.

You can use user exit 11 to prevent an IDoc, message type FIDCCH being sent for an FI document change.
In the user exit, you can set the indicator NO_DISTRIBUTION = 'X' if the document change is not to be distributed.
If the indicator is zero, that is, it is not changed, the document change is sent as an IDoc - as long as the relevant settings have been made in ALE Customizing.

This function is the same as the function for sending message types FIDCC1 and FIDCC2 (sending complete FI documents).

When you send FI documents using IDoc message types FIDCC1 or FIDCC2, you can use the user exits to prevent IDocs being sent for selected FI documents. This means that in the sender system, an FI document is posted, but no IDoc is created or sent, and so therefore, no FI document is posted in the receiving system.

If changes to these documents are posted in the sending system, for example, the payment block is removed, under normal circumstances, a change IDoc with message type FIDCCH is created and sent.

This must be prevented however using user exit 11, because the FI document to be changed does not exist in the receiver system. An error would occur during posting of the document change.
For this case, user exit 11 must be activated and the relevant coding must be installed by the user.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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