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This function exit enables you to change the recipients of express mail, which are sent when errors occur during realtime update to the Consolidation system.
By default, this express mail is sent to the user that posts the triggering entry. You can use this exit to modify the number of recipients as well as the recipient addresses as needed.

The following interface parameters are passed to the function exit:

  • Structure IS_ACCHD contains the header information of the accounting document which is involved in the error during realtime update. The layout of structure IS_ACCHD corresponds to structure ACCHD, which is defined in the Data Dictionary. The documentation of structure ACCHD contains detailed information about the individual fields.
    The exit may not modify the fields of structure IS_ACCHD; that is, access is read-only.
  • Internal table CT_RECEIVERS contains the recipient information. Its structure corresponds to structure SOMLRECI1, which is defined in the Data Dictionary (where you can find further information).
    After returning to the calling program, this table is passed as table parameter RECEIVERS to function module SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1. You can find detailed information in the documentation for this function module.
    No express mail is sent if the recipient table (CT_RECEIVERS) is returned empty to the calling program.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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