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This customer enhancement is used during rollups into EC-CS Consolidation and lets you to determine which active data stream is relevant. This is important when simultaneously more than one data stream is active for consolidation types to be used in EC-CS integration. Is this the case, the system must know which data stream is to apply to the rollup being processed.

You only need the exit:

  • if at the time of the rollup execution there is more than one active data stream for the integrated consolidation types that use the rollup transfer method
  • if the rollup is not started from within the data monitor
When the rollup is started for a consolidation unit or group from within the data monitor, the data stream is uniquely identified by the global parameters and the integrated consolidation type of the given organizational unit.

The function exit has the following call-up parameters:

  • I_ROLLUP - the name of the rollup being executed
  • I_T_TFIN000 - a table containing all of the active data streams for those consolidation types with the data transfer method 'rollup' - as defined in Preparations for Consolidation
  • I_T_RA_DIMEN - a table of ranges for the field ECMCT-RDIMEN for the valuation defined in the rollup's reset set
  • I_T_RA_ITCLG - a table of ranges for the field ECMCT-RITCLG for the valuation defined in the rollup's reset set
  • I_T_RA_RVERS - a table of ranges for the field ECMCT-RVERS for the valuation defined in the rollup's reset set

Please note that the tables being submitted do not have a header.

You determine the target data stream and submit it to the rollup processor in the structure E_A_TFIN000, which you need to populate with one of the entries in the I_T_TFIN000 table from within the customer exit.


Say the tables and parameters are populated as follows when the function is called up:

    1 01 01 100 X
    1 01 01 110 X
    3 03 01 100 X

You might for instance establish a link between the 'ECMCT1' rollup and the second data stream. In other words, you could populate E_A_TFIN000 with the contents of the second entry in the I_T_TFIN000 table as follows:

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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