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This function module exit enables you to supply Subitem category-like characteristic custom subassignments for integrated data transfer (realtime update, rollup). For the periodic extract, all custom subassignments must be mapped by this function module exit.

Interface parameters that are transferred to this function module exit:

  • Consolidation chart of accounts I_ITCLG, to which the item for integrated transfer belongs
  • Item I_ITEM, the target item for update or rollup
  • Structure IS_BRKDWN, with information about breakdowns for item I_ITEM. The structure has fields with names of subassignments used for consolidation. Each field is implemented as a single numeric character that indicates how item I_ITEM is broken down in accordance with the corresponding characteristic:
  • '0': No breakdown

  • '1': Optional breakdown: Initialized value permitted

  • '2': Required breakdown: If no entry made, then default value is set

  • '3': Required breakdown: Entry forced, default value permitted

  • '4': Required breakdown: Entry forced, default value not permitted

  • Structure IS_FIX, which contains fields with the names of the subitem category-like characteristic. The fields of this structure are filled with fixed values determined by the breakdown category of item I_ITEM.
  • Structure IS_GLU1, which is transferred upon rollup and contains all the fields in the record to be rolled up
  • Structure IS_ACCIT, which is transferred only for realtime update and contains one line of the accounting document
  • Structure IS_EXTRACT, which is transferred upon update of a periodic extract
  • Structure CS_SUBACCOUNT, which contains all the subassignments used for consolidation

You may access parameters I_ITCLG, I_ITEM, IS_BRKDWN, IS_FIX, IS_GLU1, IS_ACCIT, and IS_EXTRACT only for read operations. Use them to determine the values of the custom subassignments which are dependent of a subitem category-like charcteristic (structure IS_FIX). You transfer the value of such a characteristic to the corresponding field in the structure CS_SUBACCOUNT, which is returned to the calling program.



Note that in this function module exit you should change only the fields in structure CS_SUBACCOUNT. Only read operations are permitted on all the other fields.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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