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Customer function 001 can be used to:

  1. Determine the regulatory indicator for any CO object
You will find the contents of the regulatory indicator parameter prefilled according to the standard way as configured in the regulatory parameters. This allows you to use the exit for certain objects only.
You can overwrite the regulatory indicator parameter in this exit with either a valid indicator or with a blank or zero value if you want to flag the current CO object as no final object.
  1. Specify any CO object as a clearing object defined by customer specific rules
Mark the corresponding flag for any CO object which should be treated as a clearing object. In addition you can assign a special clearing group.
The flag is already set for an object specified as clearing object in the regulatory customizing tables. Do not clear it unintentional.

Sample coding how to directly derive the regulatory indicator from the standard SAP masterfiles and how to define all orders of a specific order type as clearing objects is available.

The customer function is coded in an include with the name ZXFERU01.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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