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Customer function 002 can be used to determine the standard cost adjustment order and cost element for any cost center by customer specific rules.

You have to return the following information for a particular cost center depending on the desired result:

  • You want to set both a specific order and cost element.
Fill both export parameters.
  • You want to use a specific order with the default cost element.
Return the order and a blank value in the cost element parameter.
  • You want to use the default order with a specific cost element.
Return the cost element and a blank value in the order parameter.
  • You want to use both the default order and the default cost element and just indicate that the standard cost adjustment procedure should be used for a non-clearing cost center.
Return blank values in both parameters order and cost element.
  • You do not want to use the standard cost adjustment procedure for the current non-clearing cost center.
Raise the exception NO_SPECIFIC_ASSIGNMENT.

If you did not define a default order or cost element in the regulatory parameters then using blank values will trigger a error message in the log file during execution.

After executing standard cost adjustment the specific cost center assignment table will be filled with the values delivered by the customer function.

Sample coding how to derive order and cost element from a cost center hierarchy is available. This customer function is coded in an include with the name ZXFERU02.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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