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Customer function 004 can be used to perform additional checks before posting to a G/L account in all of the following procedures:

  1. Standard cost adjustment
  2. Traced cost postings
  3. Direct postings

For any failed check you just have to send an error message within the customer function. It will be added to the message log.

Sample coding for checking if an account is blocked or marked for deletion is available.

This customer function is coded in an include with the name ZXFERU04.


This customer exit is typically not necessary as the accounting interface is used for the postings. Every check e.g. if a G/L account is open is done within that interface at posting time.

For performance reasons the regulatory module tries to avoid reading additional databases to perform exactly the same checks that are done anyway by the accounting interface.

However the process is stopped whenever the first error is returned by the accounting interface.

So it could make sense to activate this customer exit if you have many blocked accounts and want to see every erroneous account in the message log to be able to correct them all at once.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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