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This exit allows you to control the call up of availability control (AVC) in Batch Input.

The AVC is also called in batch input in the standard system.

With this component you can prevent the AVC being called depending on the transaction code and batch parameter, or specify that any error messages should be issued as warnings only.

Import parameter

I_BATCH = 'X': Exit was called in batch

I_TCODE: Transaction code

Export parameter

In order to not call the AVC in the batch input, set the parameter E_DONT_CALL_AVC to 'X'.

To prevent the batch runs being interrupted by error messages from the AVC, set the parameter E_CALL_AVC_MODE_WARNING to 'X'. All error messages are then issued as warnings only.

Note that you can only ever set one issue parameter

If you keep parameter E_CALL_AVC as 'X', the AVC is called and the batch run is terminated if errors occur.


If the AVC is not called during batch input, note that the assigned values must be reconstructed after each batch run by using program BPINDX03.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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