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QWM1305 - R record warning. ( OS/400 )

QWM1305 - R record warning. ( OS/400 )

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Message : QWM1305
R record warning.

Message Long Text :

Cause . . . . . : A value in the R record on line &4 in form &3, file &2, in library &1 caused a warning during the processing of the IMPORT command. See previous messages for more information.
Recovery . . . : Refer to the Query Management Programming PDF in the Database category in the IBM i Information Center book for correct values for the fields in the R record. Defaults are used based on the last valid use of this attribute in the form. If there are no previous valid uses of this attribute, system defaults are assumed.

Message File : QCPFMSG
Library Message File : QSYS2924

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