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/BA1/V_TF4_MDSCN - Create Scenarios

/BA1/V_TF4_MDSCN - Create Scenarios

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In this Customizing activity you create scenarios that are used to enter fictitious data for primary objects (market data or Bank Analyzer objects). You can define scenarios for all primary objects except hedging relationships, business transactions, and organizational units.

  1. Choose New Entries.
  2. Enter a scenario ID.
  3. Select the scenario category of the scenario (optional field). This determines whether the data defined in the scenario belongs to market data scenarios, scenario progressions, or scenario sequences. The scenario category for scenario data for other primary objects is not defined.
  4. Determine the scenario category.
  5. For simple scenarios, you determine the data category in the SDL, thereby assigning them to a primary object. It does not make sense to assign composite scenarios to a data category.
  6. Enter a name for the scenario.
  7. Save your entries.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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