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/BEV3/CH_YVCREG - Rule Classes

/BEV3/CH_YVCREG - Rule Classes

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In this IMG activity you define rule classes for contract handling. You link contract handling attributes with functions (dialog functions, check functions, selection functions, reports) for each rule class. The assigned functions come into effect at the relevant times in contract maintenance.

The standard delivery contains predefined assignments of rule classes to the five times and to the points at which they can be used.

Use all the rules classes from the standard table. Additional rule classes are not supported by contract handling. You should only implement other rule classes if you also provide your own handling functions.

You can have several selection options for a rule class for one field. Which you use, or whether you use more than one rule class, depends on the context.

The rule class 0001 (contract handling document) is only assigned to times 1 (start of contract) and 5 (end of contract). It checks the existence of agreements. At time 1 (start of contract), the system checks whether the agreement you want to create is allowed. At time 5 (end of contract), the system checks whether all specified agreements have been created for the respective contract type.

The rule class 0002 (agreement class) is only used at time 2 (start of agreement). It is only allowed for agreement classes that contain a link to other agreements. A link to the currency agreement is required for each fixed amount, for example. The currency agreement must already be available when a fixed amount agreement is created. This check is carried out in rule class 0002.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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