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/BEV3/CHCTVBKLTB - Agreement class tables

/BEV3/CHCTVBKLTB - Agreement class tables

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In this IMG activity you assign the tables required for processing to the various agreement classes. The assignment is made on the basis of the task of the agreement class.

You have already determined the agreement classes needed for contract handling and performed the relevant IMG activity.

The standard delivery contains the required agreement class tables for the agreement classes that are supported in contract handling.

Use all the standard entries or only the ones for the agreement classes you use. You can also maintain your own entries. For new agreement class tables, enter an alphanumeric key of up to four characters and a name.

If you want to create your own entries, you also require your own agreement classes and function modules.

The table /BEV3/CHBGABS/ (agreement total sales) is assigned to the agreement class CHGA (total sales). At the time of processing this contains the totals sales in a contract for the requested period.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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