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/CEM/EE_APP_ATTR - Setup Application Parameters

/CEM/EE_APP_ATTR - Setup Application Parameters

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You use this activity to define information that should be used by the system when processing entitlements. For instance, the pricing produced that should be used to determine the deposit rate of entitlements in a scenario where entitlements are created manually.

In the standard system, there are specific parameters for each program type, that is, for deposit entitlements, rolling purchase history and summary entitlements.

  • For deposit entitlements: Of the six parameters given below, only three have SAPdelivered parameter values. For the remaining three, appropriate values have to be entered - based on the master data setup in the system.
Parameter Description Parameter Value
CONS_SEARCH_SCENARIO Search Scenario (For Qty. based cons) REC_CONS  
IC_PP_CDD Inter-company percentage calculation PP 20EIPD    
READ_SEARCH_SCENARIO Search Scenario (For Ent. Read) REC_READ


  • For rolling purchase history:
EXCH_GROUP (without a parameter value. Appropriate values have to be entered - based on the master data setup in the system.)
  • For summary entitlements:
No parameters are used. You could define parameters, but SAP standard code does not rely on any of the parameters. ,,,,,,



In the Parameter Valuecolumn, enter the value you want the system to use.


You specify which pricing procedure the system uses to determine the deposit value when creating entitlements .

The system requires a pricing procedure:

  • When you create an entitlement manually
  • When the system creates an entitlement within periodic invoicing - as part of the returns process

Use parameter PP_CDD, available with deposit entitlements, and link to the customer-defined pricing procedure.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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