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/ISDFPS/VATP_RB - Include Batch Status in ATP

/ISDFPS/VATP_RB - Include Batch Status in ATP

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In this IMG activity, you specify whether restricted batches should be included in the availability check.

If you set the indicator, the availability check is carried out as follows:

  1. Transfer batch to availability check
In the standard system, the batch specified is not included in the availability check for stock transport requisitions, stock transport orders, or stock transport scheduling agreements. The system does not check against the stock in this batch, but only against the overall material stock. If you set the indicator, the batch is transferred to the availability check and taken into account.
  1. Include restricted batches
In the second step, the system determines whether the check that includes stock in restricted batches is an ATP check. This is the case if the NFVBC ("Take-Restricted Use Stock Into Account (Only for Batches)") indicator is set for the corresponding check rule.
If you set the NFVBC indicator, restricted stocks are included, along with the receipt and issue elements with restricted batches. This is SAP standard logic.
If you do not set the NFVBC indicator, neither restricted stock nor receipt and issue elements with restricted batches are included. However, this is not SAP standard logic and is only possible through this IMG activity.
Only if you set the indicator in this IMG activity are elements with restricted batches not taken into account during the availability check.

In the standard shipment, this function is not active.

Set the indicator if you want restricted bactches to be included in the ATP availability check as described above.

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