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/AFS/SIMGARUN_APDFLT - Application Default Table Maintenance

/AFS/SIMGARUN_APDFLT - Application Default Table Maintenance

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Normal;This setting is used to define the default application table for the various ARun applications. The various applications and their relevance are:

Application 1 - Default Allocation Group Table
Application 2 - Default Allocation Group Determination Table
Application 3 - Default Release Rule Determination Table
Application 4 - Default Grouping Rule Determination Table
Application 5 - Default CSA Table
Application 6 - Default CSA Determination Table
Application 7 - Default Substitution Determination Table

Normal;You have generated customer specific determination or grouping tables.

If you do not maintain a default table, the following tables are used:

Application 1 - /AFS/AG_DET
Application 2 - No default table
Application 3 - /AFS/RE_DET
Application 4 - /AFS/GR_DET
Application 5 - No default table
Application 6 - /AFS/CS_DET
Application 7 - /AFS/SB_DET

Press F4 on the application for which you want to maintain a default table and select one of the tables. If the entry help does not show any values you have to generate first a determination resp. grouping table.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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