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/AFS/SIMGARUN_DEASOA - Assign Rule To Order Type

/AFS/SIMGARUN_DEASOA - Assign Rule To Order Type

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In this step you can assign various ARun-specific functions to the document categories.


If you assign an allocation type to the sales document, the system tries to allocate a requirement immediately when a sales document is entered or changed. The same conditions apply to the online allocation as to the separate allocation run. A requirement can only be successfully allocated if there is sufficient batch stock. If a special release procedure is activated for the relevant allocation type, the release procedure is carried out in the online allocation. Note that the document must contain all delivery-related data when it is saved. If it does not, the allocation is cancelled, the requirement is assigned the MRP status and cannot be delivered immediately.

An online allocation is particularly useful for rush orders. Requirements for this type of document are assigned MRP status F if the allocation is successful and can be delivered immediately.

If there is not sufficient batch stock when the order is entered or changed, the release rule used in the allocation type determines whether or not an allocation can be made and if so, whether a fixed requirements/stock assignment is made (MRP status F) or just a reservation (MRP status R). If the AFS availability check is active, it is not run for the remaining allocatable quantity of the requirement. Depending on the settings for the scope of the ATP check and on the stock situation, the remaining quantity is confirmed or rejected for the date of the next stock receipt or RLT.

  • Assignment of an ARun type for immediate, automatic allocation when the document is saved
  • Activation of the "restore" function (contracts)
  • Automatic creation of AGs (allocation groups) for use in ARun grouping

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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