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/AFS/SIMGARUN_GIDEAC - Activate Deallocation Per Movement Type

/AFS/SIMGARUN_GIDEAC - Activate Deallocation Per Movement Type

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In this step you can activate the deallocation function for each individual movement type. In this case, the system will automatically deallocate stock during goods issue. You must also activate deallocation on the plant level.


You only have to activate the deallocation for 'unplanned' material movement types, such as posting to scrap or cancelling a goods receipt for a purchase order. You can do this even if the stock is already assigned (status reserved or fixed) to a sales order.

For 'normal' movement types, such as 601 (goods issue for deliveries), it is not necessary to activate this function. This is because the system automatically carries out deallocation if there are allocated quantities and the quantity is changed during goods issue posting.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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