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/AFS/SIMGARUN_MTREPG - Selection Report Generation

/AFS/SIMGARUN_MTREPG - Selection Report Generation

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In this section you can define and generate a selection report for ARun Optimizer. The selection report selects data from database tables and passes it to ARun Optimizer for further processing.

The field application determines what the selection report selects. Valid options are:

  • Assignments = Select assignments
  • Allocation Groups = Select schedule lines
  • Requirements = Select requirements

The field set is a collection of tables and fields for selection.

  1. Enter an application and a set and choose Tables/Fields.
  2. For Application 1, select the tables and the corresponding fields for the selection report . These tables and fields form the set. For Application 2, only the AG tables are available for configuration and all the valid fields in the AG table would be considered for the selection report generation.
  3. Choose Headerand then choose Details.
  4. Choose Simulationto check whether the selection report can be generated without error.
  5. Choose Generate Report and enter the report name.

If the report is generated successfully, it can be used in the ARun Optimizer type.

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