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ABAP Short Reference   BAL_S_LOG - Application Log: Log header data  
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In this section you define the allocation type that forms the structure of the allocation run. In the allocation type, you enter all the rules that you have defined in the previous IMG sections and with which you want to control the allocation process in the system.

In the application, you must assign exactly one allocation type to each allocation run. That way you determine the rules according to which the system carries out each individual allocation run. You can define your own allocation types for different business processes.

Define the allocation types necessary for your processes by assigning an alphanumeric key with a maximum of four characters as well as an explanatory text.

Assign the rules to your allocation type with which you want to control the individual steps during the allocation. The following rules are mandatory for each allocation type:

  • Requirements selection rule
  • Stock selection rule
  • Access rule
  • Requirements sorting rule
  • Allocation logic rule (strategy)
  • Allocation status determination rule

If you want to execute special release checks for each allocation run, enter a release rule in your allocation type. SAP recommends that you also specify that a final release check should take place in the application. In addition, you should make entries for the determination of the release rule.

General Material Data   rdisp/max_wprun_time - Maximum work process run time  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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