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/AFS/SIMGBC_CHECKMAP - Check Consistency of the Interface Mapping

/AFS/SIMGBC_CHECKMAP - Check Consistency of the Interface Mapping

Addresses (Business Address Services)   rdisp/max_wprun_time - Maximum work process run time  
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In this step you can check the consistency of the AFS to SAP Retail Interface mapping.

The mapping should have been done in the Interface Mapping step of section AFS -> AFS Cross-Application Components -> AFS to SAP Retail Interface.

Execute the function. This allows you to check whether the required settings have been made correctly.

One summary line is displayed for each type of checking.

If you double-click on a summary line, a list of errors and warnings is presented. From a message, you can:

  • double-click on the message or on the Information icon
    @0S@ to obtain a detail explanation of the error,
  • double-click on the Execute icon
    @15@ to enter to the relevant customizing screen and correct the erroneous mapping.

The application toolbar buttons can be used to refresh the display after corrections have been made in the mapping. The refresh can be requested for all types of checking, or only for a particular one.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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