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/AFS/SIMGMM_IVPOLEV - Deactivate Logistics Invoice Verification at SKU Level (AFS)

/AFS/SIMGMM_IVPOLEV - Deactivate Logistics Invoice Verification at SKU Level (AFS)

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If you use the Logistics Invoice Verification, you have the following options in the AFS system:

  • You can enter invoices with reference to purchase orders or to goods receipts.
  • You can verify and enter invoices at purchase order item level or SKU level.

If you make entries in this IMG activity, the invoice verification will be carried out purchase-order-based and at material level for specific combinations of company code, plant, material, and user ID.

If an AFS material is valuated at SKU level with the moving average price, you must carry out the Logistics Invoice Verification for purchase orders at SKU level.

You can individually specify whether you want to execute the invoice verification at SKU or purchase order item level for a company code, a plant, a material, a user ID, or for a combination of these parameters. If you want to evaluate prices and quantities at material level in a puchase-order-based invoice verification, enter the corresponding combinations in the table.

In addition, the user ID for the AFS invoice verification must be assigned to the system user settings with the parameter ID /AFS/IV_USR.

If an invoice verification is carried out with exactly those parameters that correspond to the combination you entered, prices and quantities will be grouped to items at SKU level and verified based on the purchase order (at SKU level).

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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