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/AFS/SIMGSD_VASCTYP - Define Condition Types

/AFS/SIMGSD_VASCTYP - Define Condition Types

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In this section you can specify the condition types you need for the determination of VAS-conditions and you can assign the previously defined access sequences to the condition types.

In the Standard AFS System, two condition types are available. One for VAS-conditions in general (type VAST) and the other especially for the usage of VAS-conditions in multi-store orders (type MSO). An access sequence of the same name is entered for both condition types.

You should not remove these condition types or the assignment of access sequences. But you can make changes within the access sequence and adjust the condition types to the needs of your company. You can also define any number of condition types.

To define a new condition type, you enter an alphanumeric key with a mamimum of four digits and assign an informative short text.

Enter an access sequence per condition type, with which the system should read your condition tables.

If you use several different condition types over certain periods of time, you can restrict the validity of each condition type accordingly.

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