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/AFS/SIMGSD_VASTLTXT - Define Ticketing/Labeling Text Types

/AFS/SIMGSD_VASTLTXT - Define Ticketing/Labeling Text Types

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In this menu option you can maintain in the form of short texts, which information you generally want to have on your VAS-labels. In the application you can enter per VAS-label type which text information should be on the labels. Thus you can meet the different requests of your customers, without having to maintain separate labels for every text combination as VAS-materials.

When using text types you can transfer the information for the production of the labels to your warehouse or external system, so that the customers get the goods with the requested labeling.

Define the label text type by assigning a number and entering an explanatory short text. Using the number you can control in which sequence the text types appear on the label. With the short text you control which contents should be assigned to them by the warehouse or external system.

According to the requirements of your company, you can enter any number of text types which you can always change subsequently.

In the application, the system lists the text types numerically in the ascending order you specifiy in Customizing. We recommend to proceed in steps of ten or more, so that you can add new types any time at the right place.

You customer requests that all ordered materials be provided with a label with the following sequence: Customer material number, EAN/UPC number, and then color code. To produce these labels before delivery, you maintain the following text types in Customizing with the requested sequence:

  • 100 Customer material number
  • 200 EAN/UPC number
  • 300 Color code

In the application you assign these text types to the VAS-label type that is relevant for this customer. Your warehouse can manually or with an external system flag the ordered materials before the delivery.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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