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/AIF/GENERAL/SERIALI - Define Serialization Settings

/AIF/GENERAL/SERIALI - Define Serialization Settings

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Serialization ensures that the messages are processed in the right order within the SAP Application Interface Framework. While the messages are related to the same business object, the messages can have different message types. A message that relates to the same business object should not be processed in case its predecessor has not been processed yet. Messages related to different business objects or object types should not have to wait for each other.

You must define the key fields for the interface under Error Handling -> Define Interface-Specific Features

To enable serialization, you have to define the following settings:

  • Define Serialization Object:
You define the serialization object with its serialization type, serialization table and other related settings.
  • You assign the serialization object to the interface.
Assign the serialization object to one or more interfaces to enable the serialization features for interfaces.
  • Assign key fields for serialization
You assign the interface key fields to the serialization object.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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