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/BEV3/CH_YVCAAMOD - Settlement Information Modules/Tables

/BEV3/CH_YVCAAMOD - Settlement Information Modules/Tables

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In this IMG activity you define settlement information modules. Assign the settlement information table a subprogram (function module) that formats the data and writes the required data (settlement information) to the output structure (link type 0600). The data in link type 0600 is flagged with the settlement information ID.

Enter the settlement information table in which the business data (such as settlement key figures) is contained. Assign a subprogram to select the data.

You can trigger the settlement information using an agreement. You can also call the settlement information using the condition log, however. The condition carries out the evaluation of the settlement history.

If an exception occurs in a module, exception handling is called. The assigned handling ID is passed on to the calling program. If the module is executed successfully, the handling ID is returned as an initial value.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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