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/BEV3/CH_YVCBTBSCHL - Assignment of Posting Keys to BTE/MAN

/BEV3/CH_YVCBTBSCHL - Assignment of Posting Keys to BTE/MAN

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In this IMG activity you define the posting keys allowed for each Business Transaction Event (BTE). You can see which posting keys are valid for contract handling in Customizing (path: Contract Handling - General Agreement - Settlement - CH Posting Keys Allowed). The system derives the account type and credit/debit assignment from the posting key.

You should only maintain this IMG activity if you use BTE control.

The standard delivery contains the contract movement types for BTE.

Use the standard contract movement types. If you use different contract movement types, you must modify them.

The posting key describes the type of movement that is entered in a document item. Each posting key has properties that control the entries entries for document items.

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