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/BEV3/CH_YVCHECKPOIN - Check Points for Authorization Check

/BEV3/CH_YVCHECKPOIN - Check Points for Authorization Check

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In this IMG activity you enter check points for authorization checks. An authorization check enables you to limit the person group authorized to execute certain functions. The authorization check is based on roles from the SAP role concept. The system does not support any individualized authorization concept.

The authorization concept allows you to delimit business activities and processes. This is done using activity profiles. Typical activity profiles are contract processer, sales force employee, financial planner and district manager. You can also set limits using the hierarchy levels of a company. Profiles are mapped using roles. Within a role it is possible to differentiate activities and value areas further.

To use the authorization check you require predefined roles. The SAP standard system contains a large number of roles. Check whether you can use these roles. If necessary, you can copy roles and then modify them. In the intial SAP Easy Access screen press Create role (or use transaction PFCG). This takes you to role maintenance.

The table entries for check points for the authorization check are defined in the standard delivery. You only require additional check check points if your requirements cannot be met by the existing ones.

Use the standard table entries for the check points for the authorization check.

In the Contract Handling (CH) component, structures are used from the Sales and Distribution (SD) component. When planning and setting up authorization control for contract handling, you must take these connections into consideration to ensure consistency within the authorization concept.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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