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/BEV3/CH_YVCKREISKZ - Set Indicator

/BEV3/CH_YVCKREISKZ - Set Indicator

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In this IMG activity you define set indicators. In contract handling you use the indicator to create grouping characteristics for sets. You use the set indicator to restrict the F4 selection when you are maintaining rules for condition rule attributes in the set-dependend agreement parts.

The standard system contains several set indicators.

Use the default set indicators from the standard table. You can also create your own set indicators. To do this enter a numeric key with up to four digits and a description.

You can only use set indicators with the following agreement parts of the agreement date and purchase control date:

  • Date part FI

  • Date part SD

  • Date part CH

  • Date part Condition

  • Date part Interlinkage

  • Purchase control date part FI

  • Purchase control date part SD

  • Purchase control date part VV

  • Purchase control date part Condition

  • Purchase control date part Interlinkage

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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