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/BEV3/CH_YVCMSTFUBA - Function Modules for the Manual Status

/BEV3/CH_YVCMSTFUBA - Function Modules for the Manual Status

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In this IMG activity you define function modules for the manual status. As well as the function modules in the standard delivery, you can also use your own function modules, transactions or reports. The manual status allows you to carry out company-specific checks for your contracts.

The standard delivery contains function modules for contract handling functions.

Use the function modules required for your application, or enter your own. For each function, enter a numeric key of up to four characters and a name. Name the contract handling transaction to which the function is assigned.

As well as the four standard contract handling functions (maintenance, settlement, date, and delete), contract handling gives you the option of specifying your own contract handling functions in a manual status in the contract handling document. The manual status initially has no functional connection to the contract handling functions. You must set up this connection. To do this you can link existing contract handling functions or your own functions with a manual status. The manual status is activated through Customizing in manual status management.

You can use the standard function module /BEV3/CHMSTAT_4EYES_PRINCIP and the contract handling transaction second check contract, to implement the dual control principle.

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