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/BEV3/CH_YVCTMPRIO - Date Priority

/BEV3/CH_YVCTMPRIO - Date Priority

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In this IMG activity you define the priorities of dates. The priority determines the order in which dates are processed within a contract. By assigning priorities, you can define the settlement sequence to suit your business processes. If you assign a high priority, the settlement of the date is given high priority.

The standard delivery contains default table entries for priority control.

Use the standard table entries. You can also define your own priorities if required.

No entry means priority zero, which means that the relevant dates are processed with low priority. If you do not maintain this IMG activity, the dates are processed in the order specified in the contract tree. The settings in the priority control are valid for all CH organizational units.

If you have a contract settlement for a loan, you can use priority control to make the payment with high priority. This is necessary if the repayment and interest calculation settlement are made as well as the payment.

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