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/BEV3/CH_YVORGE - Assignment of CH org. unit to sales organization

/BEV3/CH_YVORGE - Assignment of CH org. unit to sales organization

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In this IMG activity you define a new contract handling organizational unit (CH org. unit). You can create the CH org. unit from the following organizational elements from the Sales and Distribution (SD) application:

  • Sales organization

  • Distribution channel

  • Division

  • Company code

  • Plant

The CH org. unit is an organizational unit in contract handling. The system needs the CH org. unit to be able to link contract handling to other SAP components such as Sales and Distribution (SD) and Financials (FI).

You have already created one or more organizational units in SD.

Create the necessary CH org. units. To define a CH org. unit enter a key with up to four characters and a name.

Contract handling is integrated into the SAP environment using the customer. Customers are situated in the SD component. The sales organization, the distribution channel and the division determine customer assignments. This connection is used to create a link between the customer and the CH org. unit. Links from the SD sales organization to the company code are used to connect the company code to the contract handling organization. It is not possible to have several company codes for each CH org. unit as this causes technical posting problems. The plant is used for tax-related issues.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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